This Man Looked Out of His Window, And He Was Shocked To See This!

9-29-2015 12-06-17 PM

Sometimes, the right people are found in the right places only for a reason, like that right moment when that man decided to go towards his window, opened it and looked on the street, and shockingly he found a dog with a stuck head in plastic bottle. The man was totally shocked, it’s something strange, he imagined how this dog wouldn’t have livedif he didn’t get rescued, how would he eat or drink? This thing that his head was stuck into would kill him if he was not rescued.

9-29-2015 12-07-39 PM

The man rushed out of his building to check on the dog, he ran after the dog to help him, but the dog was totally terrified that he kept on running and escaping, he didn’t know that this man wants to help him. Thankfully, after 15 minutes, the man found the dog freed of that plastic bottle, whoever helped this dog, we want to thank him, he is a real hero. This story is a proof of how amazing humans sometimes are.

9-29-2015 12-08-03 PM

Imagine how a lot of things that we do can harm little animals, like throwing a gum in the street, some birds die by getting stuck in it, because they aren’t able to move. Also don’t throw cans, to avoid something like what happened to this poor little cat, if she didn’t find that man to help her, she would have been dead. So don’t throw stuff on the streets, we have to try our best to avoid harming any animal. We must always put the trash in its own specific place, to avoid accidents like this one. Not every stray animal will be able to find someone to save them.

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