This Owner Is Kissing His Puppy, What TheShibaInu Tried To Do Is The Cutest Ever



Now you are about to see the cutest, most adorable video ever, for me, I’ve never seen something like this and I wish I could just have an adorable dog like this one. This owner is kissing his ShibaInu puppy, and at the same time, this ShibaInu puppy is trying to lick him, but this cutie can’t decide the perfect timing to give his owner a lick.

The puppy’s owner repeated it again and again, and each time the puppy can’t lick his owner. Just look at how the puppy is focusing on his human’s face, oh my god, he is adorably cute. Let’s watch this video and see how many attempts this puppy had done to kiss his owner.

A ShibaInu dog is a very cute, furry friend, the breed was first originated in Japan, and their life span is from 12 to 16 years old. Grooming is the most important thing for this breed because of their thick furry coat; they shed heavily twice a year. The ShibaInu dog learns really quickly, so it’s easy for you to train them. They are very playful, full of energy and protective but they love chasing smaller animals. They are also very loyal, loving, and very funny. The ShibaInu dog was occasionally used to hunt wild boar. Maybe a ShibaInu dog is a small dog but he needs to live in a big space with a fenced yard, because they are very energetic and curious. Before getting a ShibaInu you have to read a lot about the breed to raise a healthy dog.

While watching this, I thought about how I should try doing this with my dog, how cute! Watch this video and if you find it adorable, share it with your family and friends.