This owner made “The Running for Dinner Time-lapse” and it’s adorable!

6-23-2015 3-40-24 AM

Now lots of people who own puppies got the idea of making a time-lapse video to record every single moment of them growing up, it’s adorable to capture every moment of their puppyhood. In this video, an owner made a time-lapse to his dogs but he made a new idea, he captured them each time they are called for dinner, and it’s more than amazing. For 9 months, he recorded that dinner run of both golden retriever dogs Colby & Bleu, and it’s adorably amazing. They are looking so cute; watching them grow like this is a great thing.

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The video was entertaining and well directed, the music made it great. After the owner of Colby and Bleu the golden retriever dog uploaded it on his YouTube channel, it went viral; it gained more than million views only in two days. Let me tell you, people were fascinated with the idea of the time lapse, which made some viewers to ask the owner from where he got those fancy dogs bowls.

Despite the time-lapse, the cuteness of golden retriever dogs is making this video special, this video will make you think about getting one. Golden retriever dogs are very smart and energetic dogs that actually helps in training them some of this tricks. You can’t get enough of golden retriever dogs, Golden Retriever is smart and good natured, and they are one of the best family companions. Their life span is from 10 to 12 years average, and they weigh about 29 to 34 kg, and their height is about 56 to 61 cm.

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It’s a great idea to make a time lapse to your puppy, have you ever thought about trying it? Watch the video below and if you find it cute, share it with your family and friends.