Abandoned, Tramped, Rescued… All together, the story of Ruth and Idgie

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Another example for the pureness of interaction between dogs and cats, after this you will believe that they are soul mates, or maybe it will prove that there is no enmity between both types.

Ruth and Idgie are two lucky best friends, they were abandoned together, they found them tramped together, and now they still together in the shelter, a special organization adopted both of them also together, and they formed a special bond. You will get inspired especially when you know that poor Ruth has some disabilities, which are why she can’t walk. She really faces some troubles but she is getting used to it with the help of the dog Idgie. We all love Idgie and Ruth, they are very cool friends, and it’s a lovely story to be told. Lots of cats and dogs like Ruth and Idgie are tramped in the streets with no shelter. We wish that they all can find help and a safe home, and a strong friendship too.

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It’s way too hard to accept the fact that you can’t stand on your own legs, it’s very hard to handle life and your own needs. Those dogs are feeling the same; they are facing the most difficult disability ever

There is so many inspiring stories that shows how strong dogs are, watch this video of Yamuna, she was a paralyzed dog and now she survived, her story is so inspiring. Don’t miss also to watch Emma, the paralyzed dog who is greeting her owner in a very special way.

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