This paralyzed dog gets a second chance at life, see the miraculous transformation.

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It’s very touching and heartbreaking to see dogs that fight their disabilities and get over it. And it’s our duty as dogs’ lovers to offer them the help they need, because our aim is to help those disabled dogs to live the life that they need to have a comfortable, loving and happy life.

One of those dogs that have an inspiring story is the story of Rumple the dog, who was paralyzed, his back legs was disabled, he can’t move with them. Rumple came to the Asheville Humane Society. The decided there to offer him the help that he needs to return as a normal dog, they believed that this cute Rumple needs another chance at life. They started with making x-rays to him, and they discovered that Rumple the pit bull dog has an injury in his spine which affected his back legs to move.

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They started the medical and the physical care to help the dog to walk again, and as they said, it was a miraculous thing to see his toe moving, at this moment they knew that Rumple can and will do it. Now, he passed a long distance in his recovery road, he can walk with a little difficulty, he also crawls, but soon he will be able to move like a normal dog.

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Rumple made a great progress; he is a real fighter, those types of stories are inspiring for us, letting us know that we can fight any odds. Now you can help so many other dogs like Rumple to get over their disability. Shockingly, there are more than 300 animals that come to Asheville Humane Society; those animals are in a helpless need for help. You can help them by donating on www.ashevillehumane.org . Share this amazing story now with your family and friends.