This Photo Has Made the Internet Go Crazy..Here’s What It Actually Is


This is why we all love the internet. Every single day, there’s something new stealing the lights on the stage. Starting from unbelievably cute videos to freaky sights and unusual incidents, the internet is a goldmine for those looking to learn something new.

But what the internet is also a goldmine for is rumors and speculations from random strangers. It’s always very hard to check the sources of whatever piece of information we read online.


And when this photo hit the web, there was nothing more than rumors and speculations surrounding it!

This photo seemingly depicts what the internet has dubbed a “fallen angel,” and it has been causing panic around the internet since it hit.

Well, wonder no more. The truth about the Fallen Angel is something much less scary than what you thought!

Many people were actually close to believing that this Fallen Angel resembled a sign of the beginning of what is religiously known as The Rupture.


However, the truth is nowhere close to that. These photos actually depict a sculpture that was made by two artists in Beijing, and it has been made since 2008. This hyper-realistic sculpture was created by Sun Yuan and Peng Yu, and they created it brilliantly using stainless steel, woven mesh, silica gel and fiberglass. Isn’t it brilliant?

To be honest, if I didn’t know that this was a sculpture, I would have been very ready to accept that it’s real! They even put small pieces of food next to the sculpture, apples and bread.


I love how realistic the sculpture seems. It’s a great piece of art.

So what do you think of it? No matter what you think, you have to acknowledge that it’s a great piece of art! Don’t forget to share this interesting sculpture with your family and friends.

via Sun Yuan and Peng Yu