This pup is afraid of stairs. Now watch how she walks them up… GENIUS!

Walking up the stairs could be truly hard for some of us, such as little kids and old people. However, it can be a rough mission for our furry friends, too.

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You may know people who are too weak to walk up the stairs or get tired fast, but they certainly know how to take on the dreaded staircase.  Any kid would know that walking down the stairs is much easier than walking up and that having no stairs at all in the house is much better. However, have you ever seen a pup that is afraid of stairs!

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Stairs can be truly scary for many pups as they have much smaller legs than ours, so what may be just tiring or annoying thing for us can be impossibly difficult for them to do.

The pup in the video below is Lila, and she does not like the wooden stairs at her home. She has two options, whether she remains on the first floor because of this, or figure out a solution. In fact, animals can be truly ingenious sometimes, but Lila came up with an interesting solution. What did she decide to do? She walks up the stairs backward!

While Lila’s owner has no idea why she thinks this is the safest way for walking up the stairs, he cannot help but wait patiently at the top of the stairs and capture what his hilarious pup does on his camera to share with us.

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