This puppy doesn’t care for training, he just wants to catch some Z’s!

I know for sure we can all agree that puppies are one of the best things in this world. They are extra funny, extra playful, and extra lovable! With their cuteness and innocence, they are irresistible to everyone.

However, one thing that all puppy owners focus on is training. It’s well known that training your dog during puppyhood is the most important thing in order to make your dog grow into the habits you taught them so they would never forget them.

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And to train your puppy, you need to be very careful and follow a clear set of instruction, because training a dog is not very easy. It’s also important to organize training time with other things, and the dog has to be well fed and on a good amount of sleep in order to be able to function well.

But in this video, apparently this adorable puppy hasn’t slept enough, and needs a lot more!

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This video shows the owners trying to train their puppy to do a certain move. However, the puppy has a different thing in mind. He only wants to sleep! His owners tried to keep him awake but it didn’t work at all. I’m so glad they let him sleep eventually!

Many dog lovers in the comments were not happy about this video and they saw it as an act of cruelty against the puppy. During puppyhood, dogs need sleep more than anything to guarantee their healthy development. Obviously, the dog was too sleepy, and it’s not healthy to deprive him of sleep.

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So what is your opinion about this? I honestly don’t approve of it at all! Share with us what you think of the owner’s actions in the comments section, and don’t forget to share this video with your family and friends.