This puppy is adopted, By GOATS!

It may be strange or odd to see animals from different species treat each other in a good or respectful way, the animals’ world is surprising us with wonderful relations every day, and they are unexpected. This is one of them, but in Sunflower Farm you will see 2 goats and a puppy living together and are friends too.

8-5-2015 1-42-54 AM

The puppy in this video was adopted by goats and that’s not ordinary to see a dog living with a goat, but this one lives with the whole family “mother and her kids”. Like any new comer to any place, Chihuahua the dog was so shy and afraid at first but then she became one member of the goats’ family and that is what makes their relationship so strong and beautiful.


As we said, Chihuahua was feeling shy when she came to Sunflower Farm among goats but then was when she saw the goat kids, she feels familiar with them and now we can see her playing with them. Their life is so beautiful. As the mother goat treats all of them” her kids and the dog” equally as if she is her daughter. It is a great family with its different animals with a dog, a mother goat, and two kid goats named Princess Leia and Lady Bug. This feminist family made a miracle with the company of its members, particularly, they are all females and that’s great, by the way.

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Now, I think no one of them wants to live without one of her sisters or her mother. That mother presents the nature of any natural mother which is the love and mercy to all babies wherever or whatever they are.

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