This puppy will stay awake no matter what!

We all face times when it’s so late and we need to sleep badly, but we just couldn’t. We may be obliged to stay awake because we have unfinished work to be done, or an assignment whose deadline is the next day. We may have late night guests whom we have to keep them company or it could be the neighbors making so much noise. In the end you stay half awake, fighting sleep for a reason.

8-2-2015 12-23-22 PM

However, the question is: why on earth should this puppy fight sleep like that? As you can see in the video, the little adorable puppy couldn’t keep his eyes open. His head keeps falling as he surrenders to sleep for a few moments and then jerks awake a second later, only to fall asleep again. It’s such a hilarious sight and it gets me wondering why this dog insists so bad to stay awake. I doubt he has an incomplete task to finish or that he has an important exam he has to study for the next day.

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It’s hard to find an explanation to this precious dog’s behavior other than he’s just being cute. Videos of dogs that refuse to go to sleep for no apparent reason are increasing day by day. It’s becoming quite a phenomenon, a really strange one actually. Sometimes, I think they insist on staying awake in order to achieve as much mischief as they can. It seems that they don’t want to waste an hour without doing a misdeed that would probably drive their owner crazy.

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Eventhough dogs could make some messes sometimes, but they are still the best pets ever. Dogs weren’t named Man’s best friend for nothing. These fellas are amazing creatures who are a great source of joy and happiness to lots of people.

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