This shelter dog is a life savior; see what he did to save the lives of two people.


It may have been the last day for them if Nico wasn’t there. At the beach in California, two swimmers, a husband and his wife, were in a deadly situation. While they were on a boogie board, the wife has been pulled out due to the strong current so her husband tried to save her going towards her, but he also was overtaken by the riptide. Luckily, this man, Dane Clarke and his new adopted dog Nico the three years old Bernese mountain dog, were walking close to the beach and there was no one except them, the man and his wife were fifty yards away from them so Clarke didn’t think so much, taking his decision quickly, jumping into the water trying to save the poor guys, but the surprise has happened here when he saw his dog Nico jumping into the water to do something, when they reached the guys they found them too exhausted, the dog spun his body around next to the guy, so Clarke asked him to grab the dog’s tail who pulled him to the beach.


Then Nico has returned to the water to save the woman and he did with her what he did with her husband, he spun around her and she put her arm around Nico’s chest, garbing his fur and he pulled her beside her husband to the shore. After he completed his mission, Nico has looked to Clarke saying, “let’s complete our walk,” what made Clarke laugh is that the wife and her husband were so thankful for Clarke and of course, they were thankful also for the brave dog.


As per Clarke, it is the first time for him to know that his dog can swim, of course he wasn’t trained for that before and its instinct that made him act like that.


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