This Shiba Inu dog was 106 lbs., the transformation is amazing, and still counting.


Have you ever seen an overweight dog? You are about to see one. Meet Code, the six years old Shiba Inu dog. When his owners, Kim and Sean, first took him, he was very fat, he was weighing about 106 lbs. The Shiba Inu dog was having about 60 lbs. overweight, but what both of them did to their Shiba inu dog was incredibly amazing, they did their best to help the dog return to his normal shape, they gave him an unbelievable transformation. They did a great job and helped the Shiba Inu dog lose weight. Now the Shiba Inu dog is losing pounds day by day, and we are encouraging him to end the challenge. Kim and Sean shared their Shiba Inu photos through the months of diet, documenting his journey of losing weight.
As they said, when he first arrived at home, he was very unhealthy and in desperate need for help, he couldn’t move, jump or play.

Exercising was the only way to shed pounds, Code started with a few steps every day, and they increased it gradually.

With the vet’s permission, they planned a diet for the Shiba Inu dog to help him lose weight.
Now Code can jump on the couch easily to play and snuggle with his friend Norman.
Code is an inspiration, now he is more healthy and playful, and we are waiting for him to reach the end of the challenge.

Most dog breeds have big appetites; they love to eat, so you have to take care and control their daily amounts of food by asking the vet about that to tell you the amounts and numbers of daily meals, with exercising every day and daily walks, so your dog will remain healthy forever.
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