This sneaky dog made it very difficult on her rescuers to catch her, see the miraculous transformation

6-10-2015 3-06-33 AM

It’s very heartwarming to see rescuers in Hope for Paws doing their best to save animals in need. Isn’t it amazing? Seeing those people doing their best to save an animal in need is priceless, and as always, Hope for Paws’ volunteers are there, doing their best. They amaze us with their amazing short videos showing their rescues and this one is one of the most heartwarming rescues of all time.

6-10-2015 3-06-07 AM

It all started when hope for paws received a call from a nurse about a stray dog who is abandoned and living in the hospital’s parking lot. Eldad went there at the morning to catch the dog but actually he totally failed, so he came at night to catch the dog, but he didn’t know that this dog is knowing all the escaping and the sneaking skills, so he decided to show him some sneaking skills too, he started to sneak from behind to catch the little stray dog.

He came closer and closer till he finally caught the dog from behind, poor dog he was very scared, he was barking like he is screaming for help, it seems that this sweet dog is not trusting people at all. We all know that the life of the street is very difficult for those little dogs. The dog ran scary for a long time at the parking lot, but after minutes he started to get calm, he named her Oakley, he started to pet the dog till he gained her trust. He took the dog immediately to the vet, they gave her a bath and cut off her hair, when you see her amazing transformation, you will be amazed!


Now if you want to adopt the sweet Oakley, you can visit www.Hopeforpaws.org or you can help her by sharing this video, let us help her find a new forever home.