This tiny baby will never stop following this police officer. What he wants? STUNNING!


Mammalians are known to have a common particular responsibility; it is based on the bond between a mother and her baby. Just like us humans, since we were all depending on our parents once to live, many other species also know the meaning of “having a mom”. Our guarding angel when we were weak and vulnerable. Unfortunately, this holds one sad fact within, “chances that tragedy could happen are uncountable!”

Luckiest of all, babies who have the chance to find a loving surrogate mom, who could often be in the form of a different species, or in many other times, as a kindhearted human, animal rescue worker possibly!


When a baby kangaroo, who lost his mother tragically, was brought to Cue Police Station in Western Australia, police Officer Scott Mason was there since two weeks only. Luckily or the lonely baby, instead of being completely on his own, he was lucky to find a loving surrogate mom, who was the newest officer in the station!

Both Mason and the kangaroo did not even take much time to have a heartwarming bond. They are so amazing together, and any animal lover would not be able to prevent the smile on his face knowing the story behind these amazing photos, and, of course, seeing the unbelievable video below!

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A kangaroo was dropped off right outside of the doorstep of Cue Police Department. This 4-month-old baby was found in the pouch of his dead mom! Officer Mason liked him on sight, and he is truly adorable. One more interesting detail to know is that Officer Mason was missing his own baby too!

This little baby was so skinny and badly dehydrated when they found him. Temporarily, Mason had to leave his family in Perth to join the police forth in Cue. He was already missing the feeling of being around his baby son and his wife. That is why he was pleased taking care of the little calf, who needed to be fed each three hours. It is really amazing, and feels grateful towards who took this orphan baby as his own little child!

The little kangaroo accommodated with Mason just as he was with his mom, he even inspired his human surrogate “dad” who let him stay inside his uniform as he used to be in his mom’s pouch! During Mason was caring the little baby and talking to animal rescues, he posted on his Facebook asking people to help him with giving the baby kangaroo a name! He wanted to name him after his son, but it would not be OK with his wife.


After debate, the kangaroo had eventually the name “Cuejo”. He loves Mason, follows him everywhere, and climbs into his “pouch” whenever the chance comes!

Until the animal rescue workers receive little Cuejo, Mason and all Cue community are taking care of him and wishing a delightful future for him.

Watch how this amazing couple is bonded in the video below, and let us know in comments if you agree that they are a lovely due!

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