This video of the two horses playing in the water will make your day, wait until you see what they are doing!

7-9-2015 4-39-28 PM

It’s summer time! Are you excited? I sure am. But sometimes, with the temperatures flaring up to ungodly numbers, we find it not just fun but necessary to find a pool and just stay in it until the sun goes down. However, for our furry friends, big or small, summer time is not always as fun, since they don’t usually have a direct escape from the heat. These two horses decided to take matters into their own hands to relieve the summer heat a little bit.

Horses are such adorable animals, and they are actually very intelligent, and have a good memory. Ask any horse owner you know, and they’ll tell you how brilliant and fun horses actually are, and they are also very loyal. The internet is full of videos proving just that.

This is one of those videos. It made my day to see how these horses were capable of transforming the heat of the day into such a fun activity.

7-9-2015 4-40-15 PM

In the video you’ll see two horse friends taking a dip in the pond to cool down a bit. I love how calm and relaxed they look! Not only that, but they decided to spice up their chilling time a bit, so they started doing a fun activity that we all remember doing when we were children: they started blowing air into the water!

Remember how you always used your straw to make bubbles in whatever it is that you were drinking? Apparently, not only us humans enjoy that, but horses do as well! They look like they’re having the time of their life, and no one would dare to stop them.

7-9-2015 4-40-27 PM

What does your pet do to escape the heat? Share with us the cute and weird things that your pet does to relieve the summer heat, and don’t forget to share this cute 2 minute video with your fellow horse lovers.