This video proves that cats make great dentists

Cats are definitely lovely pets. With their adorable faces and fluffy furs, they are quite hard to resist! And although cats are generally sleepy creatures, it’s undeniable that sometimes they get extra playful and extra curious, which is never a good combination! Cats playing with random objects is always fun to watch, until they break something, which usually happens! But still, we love cats more than anything, because nothing feels as good as the moment when they cuddle up to us and purr with happiness.

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As for me, I love my cat so much, that I wish I could do everything with her. Yes, even getting my teeth fixed! No one likes going to the dentist, but maybe this dentist will change your mind. This hilarious video proves that cats can make great dentists, if only we give them a chance!

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This video made cat lovers go crazy with laughter, and because of that, it has gone viral on Youtube and Facebook.This man decided to try out what his cat could do as a dentist! So he made an appointment, laid down, and waited for the inspection to start.

I love the voice-over technique that was used! The cat sounds so sassy and cute, and the cat’s movements somehow fit with the voice perfectly.

When I saw the way she acted when she smelled the inside of his mouth, I nearly dropped out of my chair with laughter. It was the best reaction ever.

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I just love voice-over cat videos. I think if cats could talk, that would exactly be what they sound like.


Isn’t that cat just lovely? Have you seen another voice-over video like this one before? Share with us your favorite ones in the comments, and don’t forget to share this funny and creative video with your family and friends and fellow cat lovers!