This woman rescued a puppy that she found in the trash dumpster.

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It disgusts me when I hear to stories like this one. What kind of a human is the one who threw the puppy in the trash? Well, for starters, he is definitely not a human. It is so hard to see a dog wandering around in the streets, searching for someone to love him and care for him, and it’s much harder to see a puppy abandoned, with no mother to give him food, and no human to care for him. This woman is disgusted by the person who did this to the poor puppy, and we are too.

The story of the puppy is a heartbreaking one, but thankfully this humane woman was there to save her. Whilst putting the trash out in the dumpster with her husband, in West Carrollton, they heard noises coming from the trash, and when they checked, they saw this white puppy. The puppy was covered in food and beer bottles, and she hasn’t opened her eyes yet. She was too young, and it was horrible how anyone can leave a puppy as adorable as this one, and it makes me curious to why they would ever do that.

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The woman and her husband took the puppy in their loving home, cleaned her up, and they even went to a couple of vets, three to be exact, and thankfully they told her that the puppy is as healthy as ever. Now they just fell in love with her, and they will probably keep her with them. The woman is hoping that they find the person who did this, and get payed for his mistake, because animal cruelty is just not something people should shrug off.

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