Three Dogs Were Dumped With Some Bread. But Then Something Happened And Changed The Whole Story!

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Nessie, Dee-Dee, and Charlie found themselves dumped and left behind by their owners in one of Los Angeles’ neighborhoods. The three dogs were obviously heartbroken and they found themselves, suddenly, alone in the streets.

Neighbors were worried and concerned about the three heartbroken, dumped dogs. It was a tragic scene to witness a person dump the three dogs out on the streets with a bag of bread and drive away from them.

Neighbors knew they had to do something and help the three dogs, so they called Hope For Paws and the rescuers, immediately, showed up to save the unfortunate creatures.

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Watch the video to see the three dogs being rescued by Eldad Hagar one after the other. The three dogs must have felt they were going to be taken to a safe place and they must’ve felt they were in good hands; after what they went  through; which was far beyond their worst nightmares.

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Eldad and Zeinab Zakria  lured the dogs one after the other by giving Charlie a piece of cheeseburger. Zeinab managed to earn Charlie’s trust which made it easier to find the other two dogs. Dee-Dee and Nessie were more nervous and needed time to be approached.

The adorable trio, Nessie, Dee-Dee and Charlie are now up for adoption through Shelter Hope Pet Shop.

Help them join these happy dogs who found their forever homes, because they deserve this kind of life too. They certainly don’t deserve to be dumped and left behind! Help them find their happy ending!

Share their story and help them find a forever home!