Two Blind Twin Sisters Meet A Pit Bull


For many people Carmela was an undesirable pet, she is a Pit Bull and some people consider Pit Bulls as dangerous pets, stereotype! Carmela is deformed; her front legs are crooked and bent because she has spent all her life locked up inside a tiny crate.

Luck was on Carmela’s side when Sandy Kindy first saw her, she took her and promised to find her a forever home and a loving family.

Carmela spent her days relaxing and living at Kindy’s grooming salon. She spent a year with Kindy and no one wanted to adopt her, until that special day came when she met the two amazing twins.

Twenty four hours before the twin sisters, Tianna and Gianna went to Kindy’s grooming salon, they told their mother that they wanted a dog for Christmas. The twin sisters are 10 years old and sadly, they are blind. Gianna also suffers from autism.

The girls have something in common with Carmela, they are viewed as different in their communities.  The twins are seen and treated differently in school, this is whey they preferred to adopt a disabled dog, they feel and understand Carmela’s suffering.


So, the twin’s mom walked into Kindy’s salon to get the Pit Bull dog. I believe this Christmas wish came true for the three of them, not just the sisters.  The twin sisters hope their story will inspire many people to pick up disabled pets and adopt them too.

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