Two Brothers Refuse Celebrating Christmas Until Their Missing Puppy Returns


Christmas was only two weeks ago, we all have celebrated it. We all want to get our gifts open especially little children. But for those two young brothers, Christmas was a different one because their beloved puppy went missing.

The both of the young brothers decided to not open their Christmas gifts and they even refused to, until their beloved missing puppy is safe home with them.

The six-year-old Bryson Reiter and his older brother Blake were heartbroken and really devastated over their missing three months old French Bulldog puppy named Jackson who went missing just on the Christmas eve!


The brothers’ family suspected that the French Bulldog puppy was stolen from their yard when he and the young brothers were playing outside. The two brothers came inside the home and when they returned back outside, their beloved puppy was gone!
Having their puppy gone missing was so hard and sad on the whole family. The two brothers wrote a letter to Santa Claus asking him to bring them their missing puppy again.

The family is offering a $2000 reward for the puppy’s safe return. This story has made me so sad over the French Bulldog Puppy’s lost and more sad over the two devastated brothers who did not feel the joy of Christmas. I wish they reunite again with him so soon!

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I wish after this time gone missing, they reunite again and they feel the same happiness of reunion the same way this boy felt after reuniting with his lost cat.

Jared, a 10-year-old autistic boy was devastated when his beloved 11-year-old cat Clyde went missing. 12 days later, Jared came home to discover that Clyde the cat was returning home after a neighbor recognized him from a ‘Lost and Found’ ad. Here’s his adorable reunion, and all was right in the world! Here’s the adorable reunion with Jared and best friend Triton.

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