Two dogs were playing hide and seek, but they found a surprise on the table.


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Playing hide and seek with your dog will give your dog a chance to use his\her powerful nose, which is satisfying and tiring. Now this is so sweet, it’s amazing to see those two dogs playing hide and seek with their parent, those are incredibly intelligent, and they are playing and know where to search and where they can find their dad, and in this funny scene, finally they could find their owner lying on a table. Playing hide and seek is an interactive game, so when you introduce it to your dog, try to choose hiding spots that your dog can find you easily.


In the beginning, try to not do it too hard as your dog will give up and won’t play it again, so you can hide it out of your dog’s sight. You can ask someone to help you he can hold your dog in one room and you hide yourself in the other room, so when your dog enter you will be visible to him and he can find you successfully. You have to repeat that hiding behind your sofa or any other piece of furniture making sure that part of you is still visible. After repeating that, you can make it a little harder hiding yourself completely or hiding in not visible places to let him try searching for you. In this phase your dog will rely on its nose instead of his eyes, some dogs have this skill, but they don’t know how to use it, so he will start to discover how to use it and will find it easily to sniff you out. If you like to play hide and seek with your dog, don’t forget to share with us your story, and if you have clip, share it with us. Also if you enjoyed watching these puppies, of course, you will enjoy seeing this Doberman playing hide and seek, but guess what this excitement is for?

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