Two golden retriever dogs have a tennis ball tug of war, see what happened next

6-8-2015 11-39-25 PM

We all know that those rounded yellow balls called tennis balls are like a magic spell on dogs, once they see one they start to act hilariously. Remember this video when this golden retriever dog had a special celebration on his birthday when his owner surprised him with 800 tennis balls? The golden retriever dog’s reaction to this was hilarious; you can see it in that link. I remembered also that funny video of this big surprise that was prepared for a black Labrador dog, when he found the sky raining about 100 tennis balls, it was a magical day, watch it here.

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But those two are absolutely special, they are not celebrating the hundreds tennis balls that fall on their head, they are in a tug war. These two Golden Retrievers are friends, but when it comes to tennis ball things may change, they will start a war! They started to share that ball between them, they were playing together, but suddenly things started to get more serious and each one o them wanted to take that little ball to be its own, so a tug of war started between the two golden retriever dog, after few seconds, the third golden retriever dog came and joined the war, it was such a hilarious scene that I can’t stop laughing while watching it. No one is ready to give up on that rounded yellow small ball. This is absolutely adorable.

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Did you try to play with your dog with a tennis ball? Did your dog have lots of them? if you didn’t, then you have to try it This will be amazing and your dog will enjoy it. Now watch those three golden retriever dogs in the video below and if you find it funny, share it now with your family and friends.