Want A New Wall Art Idea For Your Home? Try The Dog Silhouette Portrait Now!

8-13-2015 5-54-05 PM

Isn’t it amazing to let your dog be a part of your wall art that you decorate your walls with? It’s amazing to add a portrait of your beloved dog on your bedroom walls. The silhouette portraits are very easy to make, and they look absolutely wonderful and precious, it’s also an amazing way to appreciate your dog, isn’t it?

So if you are interested in making a silhouette portrait of your dog, prepare your stuff and follow the steps. You can also let your kids help you in this, because it’s too much fun. So let’s start doing it, your dog will absolutely like it.

1-Decide if you want a big portrait or a little one, it depends on the space that you will put the portrait on.

2-Start the photoshoot session for your dog, take lots of photos, I know it’s the hardest thing to make this with your dog because he will move his head all the time; it’s very hard for dogs to stand still.

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3-Now choose the photo and crop it, then print it full size on 3M Permanent Adhesive Full Sheet Label Paper that you will find in any local office supply store.

8-13-2015 5-55-03 PM

4-After printing the photo, attach it to contact paper, because it will stick on the canvas very well.

5-Cut the dog out using a cutter or scissors, then attach it to the canvas.

8-13-2015 5-55-49 PM

6-Choose the color that you want and start painting; make sure that the dog photo is attached well to the canvas to not let the paint leak under the photo!

8-13-2015 5-56-25 PM

7-Leave the canvas to dry and then remove the photo of the dog, your silhouette art will be ready.

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It’s a great idea, isn’t it? Now try this nice idea.

Source: The Creativity Exchange