Watch Kevin Stacey telling us the story of meeting his dog, it will make you go “aww.”

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Our dogs are special, they have many special ways to make us feel loved and happy, and their characteristics are what they make them so unique and precious. You are a lucky human being if you own a dog that has a special characteristic that makes him/her special, you have to know that you have a precious four legged friend, so give all the love and care for him.

Today’s story is about Kevin Spacey, an actor, film director, writer, and comedian. Kevin loves Boston so much, one day, called the mayor of Boston, and asked if he could visit very quietly, and he spent 5 days there. He wanted to help, to give Boston a hand after the bombing, he wanted to see the hospitals; he says he was very impressed by how the city responded to the bombing. But even though Kevin went to Boston with nothing in mind that lending a hand of help to Boston, his planned totally changed when something unexpected happened.

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In this video, you will hear Kevin’s story, when he met the love, I mean dog, of his life. When Kevin was in a hospital in Boston, wanting to see the patients and letting them know how much his heart and prayers are for them, and right before he was entering the emergency room, the administrator that was helping them asked him if he would like to see “the truck full of puppies.” Kevin was confused, but as it seems that no one can ever say no to getting the chance of seeing puppies, Kevin said that yes, he would love to.

And in that truck, there were about 23 dogs, survivors of the bombing. Kevin did not give much attention to all the other dogs, except one dog, the one in the corner, she was looking at him, so Kevin asked who is that one? Well, Kevin did not know that she was destined for him. She was Miss Cuddles! The moment Kevin picked her up, she quickly cuddled with him. Long story short, Kevin couldn’t leave without her. Kevin also named her Boston, in honor of the city and its citizens.

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Well, Kevin, I’m so glad you found your forever companion! Watch the video below, and don’t forget to share the amazing story.