Watch The Heroic Rescue Of A Dog Stuck In A 15-foot Sinkhole

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Skye the seven year old Golden Retriever dog, apparently disappeared when her owner unleashed her during a snowstorm.

After a couple of days of non-stop search, her family heard weak barking that came from inside of the Arboretum at Penn State. Only at that moment, they realized the poor dog was stuck and trapped at the bottom of a 15-foot sinkhole!

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The family right away called for help and the firefighters came in no time. When the firefighters showed at the scene, they found Skye staring back at them as though she was greeting them.

They slowly and carefully lowered a ladder. Assistant Chief Dennis Harris was the one who went down to get the poor dog.

Thankfully, the dog was pulled out of the 15-foot sinkhole trap, safe and healthy. Although she had spent a couple of days down there in full darkness, she didn’t lose hope and she didn’t give up on her life.

Watch the video to see the poor dog’s reaction!

You will never know when it is time to lend a helping hand, you have to have the will to do that to any soul that’s in desperate need for help.

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In this following story, you will learn that rescuers could never imagine what they see during their missions, but things happen, and they must be dealt with. While nobody knew how long the dog  waited for someone to rescue him, he was so lucky getting the attention of a woman who was hiking along the river. When the woman heard his barks begging for help, she spotted him, and she realized that it was impossible for her to cross the raging river to reach him.

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