Watch the Painful Thing This Turtle Went Through Because of Pollution


Sadly, it has become quite common for us to see cases in which animals suffer because of pollution. Whether it’s air pollution, noise pollution, or water pollution, pollution in its many forms affects the animal kingdom and the marine life in ways we cannot begin to imagine.

Despite global efforts to hinder one of the most common forms of pollution, which is litter and waste, we still more often than not see people littering at beaches and from boats in the ocean.

This affects marine life in an unimaginable magnitude. Many fish and birds feed on smaller animals in the ocean, and having foreign elements added to the ocean makes it harder for them to find food.

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Additionally, many animals unknowingly ingest those foreign elements, quickly getting poisoned.

In this heartbreaking case, however, this sea turtle has unfortunately got a plastic straw stuck in its nostril.

This video has enraged many environmental activists worldwide. It shows the painful process during which kindhearted people removed the straw from the bleeding nostril of the turtle.

The turtle was found off the coast of Costa Rica by Oceanographer Christine Figgener and a research team at Texas A&M University. Because they couldn’t move the turtle due to risk of penalty, the team used a plier to pull the straw out, as the turtle winced in pain and bled from its nostril.

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Luckily, they were able to get it out, possibly saving the turtle’s life. However, as there is an unbelievable amount of plastic and other kinds of waste dumped into the ocean every day, many animals face the risk of dying because of a case like this, and not all of them end up as lucky as this turtle.

Watch it below and share this heartbreaking video and help it go viral to spread awareness.