Watch What A Shelter Dog Does In Hope Of Being Adopted


Ginger Rogers found an amazing way to draw attention and to stand out in a shelter where many other dogs exist. Every time someone passed her cage, she stood on her back legs and danced in a very exciting way! All she wanted was  to attract someone’s attention to make them love and pick her up. She looked forward to going home with someone who would make her part of their family.

According to Orange County Animal Services, Ginger had been adopted!

It is not the first time we see dogs create their unique way to draw attention in hope of being adopted. We previously posted about the dog in a shelter that begs someone to adopted it


Shelters are the safest places for stray or abused dogs. They are the first step on their road to find a better life chance in a forever home and live with a loving human. Sometimes shelters are all what these dogs have and they are their only hope. Some dogs have enough luck and get adopted, quickly.  It doesn’t take them a long time to attract potential owners, they will skip, dance and wiggle to amuse them.

If you are a regular reader here, you will remember the video describing the eager wish that dogs at shelters dream of having.  This video was created by the Animal Humane New Mexico, it has a simple and an important message for the holidays, and it’s all about making the dream of a shelter dog come true.


So what is a dog’s dream? All a dog needs is a house and a family. In the video, you will see a cute dog dreaming of being adopted.  He finally gets adopted and for the first time, he feels free and elated.

Share this with your family and friends and if you want to help stray animals and end their misery, you can visit a nearby animal shelter, make a donation or adopt!