Watch What Happens When Labrador Puppy Meets Two German Shepherd

When I first watched this video, I was quite anxious about this little chocolate colored Labrador. She just looks so tiny and fragile next to those two giant German Shepherds. However, she seems to be quite at ease with them. In fact, she seems to think she’s bigger than them! She runs around chasing the two big dogs and fooling around them. The two German Shepherds seem genuinely confused and taken by the little Labrador’s attitude. She goes around giving them playful nips and running. What a little devil!


The two big doggies seem to have accepted that the tiny Labrador has become the leader of their gang. All three dogs seem to have so much fun and are enjoying a great time.Also the Labrador seems to be perfectly safe with the big german shepherd dogs which shows how well trained and behaved they are. However, the best thing about this video, is when all three of them walk away together like they’re all part of one gang! Looks like dogs seem to be able to make friends quicker than humans.


That’s the thing about dogs, they’re just absolutely lovable. You can’t help it. They are precious creatures with the morals and ethics of a utopia. They are loyal, faithful, brave, and merciful. And above all that, they’re cute, charming and affectionate. What else do we need?!

Dogs weren’t called Man’s bestfriend for nothing, you see. These guys fill your life with joy, laughter and happiness. One could sit all day watching those three pals play together and fool around. They’re just a source of great happiness to any person fortunate enough to own a dog.
So, to all those lucky people who own dogs: We envy you!


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