Watching This Abused Dog’s Reaction After Saving Is Heartbreaking..

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Here in this heartbreaking scene, we watch a poor dog in a shelter shrinks back and cries non-stop in absolute terror and fear when a woman’s hand touched the poor dog’s body. It’s crystal clear from the dog’s starved body and his tail tucked between his legs, that he has been suffering abuse and he is too scared of any human touch. But despite his panic and fear, there’s a glimmer of hope.

The poor dog turned around to lean into his rescuer’s touch, allowing her to gently touch his body and caress his face.

Monica Mitreanu, the dog’s rescuer, uploaded this video and posted it on her facebook page. She fell in love the moment she saw that poor dog at the public shelter in Breasta-Craiova, Romania on November 11, 2015.

People’s feedback and response after watching that video has been a pouring of concern and questions on the dog’s condition and his welfare.

JoAnne Sage-Smith who commented on the video wrote, “That’s how frightened they are there. From what I understand, the police are brutal to them, this baby…got a loving adopter, and I saw her playing in a nice yard, with other dogs, so she is happy now!! (I’m pretty sure it’s the same puppy).”

According to Mitreanu’s own Facebook page, she pulled the dog from the public shelter and she’s now safe. This video was taken a few days after she took her with the caption, “scared puppy is ok now.”

A month later, since the poor dog’s rescue, Mitreanu posted another update video about the dog. She wrote “Little crying girl feel much better” the dog is wearing a jacket to keep him warm. I’m so happy to see this amazing transformation in the dog’s life.

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