What Does The Fox Say? They can jump from joy

What Does The Fox Say? They can jump from joy

WOW! Loki is jumping from joy. You are about to meet the cutest and most joyful fox ever, Loki the rescued fox. He is simply showing you what a fox can say! As his rescuer said, Loki is a very special fox; he jumps each time his rescuer asks him “What does the fox say?” The red fox is getting excited for more delicious treats. Loki the red fox is a rescued one; he is 6 weeks old, living now in Turtle Bay Exploration Park, because he is too young to be released back into the wild. “What Does the Fox Say” is a song by Ylvis, so I think that Loki had showed us really what foxes can say, they can jump high from joy to tell us what they can say. This video had made my day.

I know you are falling in love with Loki right now, and his cuteness made you think if it is possible to have foxes as pets. Actually, foxes already can live under any conditions and temperatures, but it’s not making it easy to have them as pets. It’s illegal to have a fox pet in some countries, but it’s legal in others, but with some conditions that you would offer them the same nature they are supposed to live in, like the wide space they must have, also not all types of foxes can be pets, some of them are suitable for missions. A fox can live for about 14 years; their speed is from 6 to 13 kilos per hour. Surprisingly, foxes are members of the dog family. A male fox is called dog, and the female fox is called vixen.


Watch this joyful video of Loki, if you find it amazing, then share the joy with your family and friends.