What Happened To Those 10 Puppies Is Heartbreaking, But The End Is Miraculous

9-6-2015 2-46-18 PM

Nothing is more amazing than seeing a dog having a second chance at life, so imagine how it would be if there are 10 puppies that want to take that chance. It all started when a stray dog gave birth for 11 puppies in Los Angeles, but sadly the mother couldn’t handle them,she was so weak and very slim, and she didn’t survive and she passed away after few days of the birth of her puppies. Later, one of the puppies followed her; the puppy couldn’t handle the weakness and the hunger, so he followed his mother and passed away.

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Only 10 puppies were left after a puppy and his mother had passed,but the Doggie Protective Service had arrived and rescued the rest of the puppies.They took the 10 puppies to the shelter for the medical care she needs. All what the puppies needed was care, they were in real danger, they were very weak and tired, but after the medical treatment, everything had changed, all the 10 puppies had survived.

9-6-2015 2-47-18 PM

All of them are so sweet, look at how they feed and when they were taking bath, they are adorable. The Doggie Protective Service had given them their helping hand to save the life of each one of them. All what those puppies wanted was to have food and a safe home to live in, all what they need is a loving owner who can take care of them. Fortunately, the dream had come true, all the ten puppies, Gum Drop, Jelly Belly, Twizzler, Life Savers, Gummy Bear, Skittles and Sweet Tart, all of those beautiful puppies with beautiful names have finally found their loving home.

Now watch the video and if you find it heartwarming, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends, you can also visit the Doggie Protective Service website to donate to help more dogs to have their wishes come true.