What She Did for Her Paralyzed Rabbit Will Warm Your Heart

8-26-2015 2-50-00 PM

Here at Pets Lovers, as our name dictates, well, we simply love pets. And not just “love” as in think they’re super cute (they are!) but “love” as in appreciate and recognize every little thing they contribute to our lives.

The truth that every pet owner knows is that the bond you form with an animal is one that is irreplaceable. Pets are not just for fun, or nice to look at. They actually contribute in huge ways to our lives. They help us through the toughest of situations, they are our protectors, and they help us become better people.No matter what kind of pet you own, even if it’s a hamster, all these things are true on some level!

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And this story of this woman and her rabbit proves just that.Many animals face disabilities of all kinds. However, it is wrong to assume that the solution for these situations is merciful killing, or what is generally known as euthanasia.When this bunny went through hip failure a few months ago, it caused her hind legs to be paralyzed. As for her owner, Melanie, she was faced with a devastating choice to make. The vets suggested that Melanie let go of her bunny and gets her euthanized. However, Melanie decided not to give up on her beloved pet.

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Putting much effort and resources into making her bunny’s life more comfortable, Melanie got the paralyzed rabbit a custom-made wheelchair! The video shows how much the rabbit’s world turned around with her owner’s loving and dedicated efforts. It is truly heartwarming to see how much this woman loves her pet!

This video of the happy rabbit in a wheelchair will sure make your day, so don’t forget to spread the happiness around by sharing it with your family and friends!