What these Toronto residents did for this dead raccoon is the sweetest thing ever


There are lots of animals that are generally disliked by lots of people. These animals include raccoons, since they have a bad reputation of secreting a bad smell whenever they feel scared, as a method of self defense.

So when people found this poor raccoon dead on the sidewalk on July 9th, they decided that they needed to pay tribute to this raccoon and to all raccoons worldwide.

When people found this dead raccoon on the morning of July 9th, it was immediately reported to the city’s administration, who said that they have contacted Animal Control and they will be around to pick the raccoon up. However, the poor raccoon was not picked up until 12 hours later, on the evening of the same day.


While waiting to be picked up, people decided to make the little fellow feel loved for once in his life. Firstly, someone wrote him a note assuring him that help is on its way, then, some hours later, someone else put a framed photo and a flower and a card next to the raccoon’s body!

And quickly, the raccoon became the celebrity of the hour. He even had his own hashtag, #DeadRaccoonTO, where people put forth their condolences.


Not only that, but city councilor Norm Kelly offered that people should leave their trash bins open in tribute to the Toronto dead raccoon! When night fell and the raccoon was not picked up, people started a candlelight vigil for him. I have to say, it was such a touching thing to see!

Finally, at around 11:00 pm, Animal Services arrived, and the raccoon that very easily became the celebrity of the city was taken to his final resting place.


Well, I bet that raccoon was glad he wasn’t left alone waiting for help. Share this cute story with your family and friends!