What They Did to Shelter the Dog from the Rain Will Make Your Day



In the midst of all the sad stories we hear everyday, it’s definitely heartwarming to hear stories in which people come together to help someone in need. Whatever the story involves, it’s inspiring to see that there is still some good left in the world.And especially since we often hear stories involving animal abuse and neglect, when we see stories like this one, it’s something that restores our faith in humanity.


This story happened on the 24th of August in Dover, England. It was a relatively sunny day so this dog’s owner normally left his dog tied to a pole outside of a store, because he didn’t expect at all what was about to happen!An employee at the Gala Bingo in Dover, Jon Sparkes, noticed the dog sitting peacefully on the other side of the street, then suddenly, grey clouds rolled in and a strong rain shower began! That’s when Sparkes noticed what two kindhearted people did for the dog waiting outside.

The young couple decided to stick by the dog until his owner comes back. They decided to risk catching a cold in order to help the poor doggie!


Taking off his jacket, the young man and his girlfriend used it to keep the dog dry. Seeing what they did, Sparkes decided to help as well, so he brought them two umbrellas to help them stay dry as well. Luckily, the dog’s owner appeared 20 minutes later, as he was unaware that it has been raining outside. He was grateful for the kind strangers that helped shelter his dog.

Posting this story on their facebook page, Gala Bingo moved the hearts of thousands across the world. Isn’t it heartwarming? It certainly made my day. Don’t forget to spread the happiness by sharing this story with your family and friends!