What This Man Spotted While Driving Down The Highway Is Heartbreaking

Chad Anderson was driving to Pendleton, Oregon, when he noticed something unusual on the side of the road. Somehow, a baby deer was trapped on Cabbage Hill! Chad had to pull over immediately to take a closer look. He instantly realized that a poor little desperate fawn was in great need of help!
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From the scene in the video, it was obvious that the baby deer had fallen down the cliff, before being trapped in the boulder catch fence. When you see the height of the cliff the deer had fallen down from, it’s easy to imagine the pain he experienced on his journey down.  Then the poor fawn was trapped behind the fence, with nowhere to go.
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The helpless fawn could not move an inch, so Chad decided to help. He positioned his phone on one of the reflectors on the side of the road to record this moment and started his noble and heroic rescue mission. He got close to the retaining fence and began to pull the stuck fawn who would then slide from underneath.  Although it was not safe for Chad as some rocks retained behind the fencing can still fall, he kept on his trials until the little deer could slide safely.
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The fawn was finally free, but it was obviously injured and he struggled to walk. Eventually, he lied down surrendering on the ground unable to move. Luckily, Chad was there for him. He carried the fawn and drove him to Pendleton, where Wildlife took care of him, and hope the fawn would return to the wild and find his family.

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