What This Orangutan Does When He Sees Her Pregnant Belly Is The The Most Adorable Thing Ever

This is such a surprise! I would have never expected an animal like this would react like that. It’s amazing how smart these animals are, whether they understand that this is a pregnant woman or not, they definitely know that we are humans. Maybe it’s just because they know what pregnancy feels like, and maybe this orangutan’s parental instincts kicked in. Whatever it is, I’m just glad that I’ve seen something like this! It’s such a shame that these animals are locked in so we could be entertained.


Collect picture of Jamie Clarke and Maisie Knight. This is the heart-warming moment a loving orangutan kisses the belly of a pregnant woman through the glass of his cage. See MASONS story MNKISS:  Rajan, a 47 year-old ape, appears curious about pregnant Maisie Knight's stomach in the footage. Maisie, 23, was 37 weeks pregnant when she decided to take a trip to Colchester Zoo with her partner Jamie Clarke on July 13. Jamie, 22, said he and Maisie were amazed when Rajang quickly became "fixated" with the bump and before long he was trying to kiss it through the glass.

In this video, you will see something you’ve probably never seen before. This orangutan was in her cage, when a pregnant woman came by the glass, and put her belly against the glass of the window. No one expected a reaction, really, but what the orangutan did surprised us all! The orangutan kissed the belly of the woman! She repeated it a few times too, and the woman definitely felt joy! She even put her hand up and as if caressing the belly, she put it on the glass. It’s so adorable, the woman’s day had been made by this cute orangutan, I can tell. Well, pregnant ladies, this orangutan will give you so much love! I bet the baby will feel so lucky when he grows up.


Orangutans usually live in forests, they mostly feed on fruits, and they are very intelligent. Usually, orangutans live for 30 or 40 years, either living in captivity or the wild. A total of orangutans around the world are 61,234 orangutans. They are only found in Somatra and Borneo, and they spend most of their time in trees, and they sleep in nests made of leafy branches. Baby orangutans will stay with their mother till they are six or seven years until they have their abilities developed.


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