When his owner started to wake him up, this dog did the cutest thing ever

4-21-2015 4-03-12 AM

This is what happened when you wake up your dog, but this dog is different from the others, it seems that this dog had a “ruff” night! When his owner started to wake him up, he was acting like children when they wake up for school, he was so lazy, that he started to hide his eyes with his paws; it seems that this cute dog needs more sleep, but he is totally adorable and cute, if I was his owner I would go sleep beside him all day long!

4-21-2015 4-03-49 AM

But this Great Dane dog is not lazy at all, big dogs like Great Dane and Saint Bernard and Mastiffs, sleep for about 18 hours, which is very close for cats that sleep for 16 hours. All dogs sleep more than humans which affects the activity level in their day, also the more activities they do, the more sleep they will need. Mostly dogs are sleeping about 50% of their day, and 30% of the day resting, they will be awake but without doing any activity and they are active only for 20% where it is time for exercising and playing, so dogs sleep about 12 to 14 hours, but for puppies, you will also find that they sleep about 18 hours. So if your pet is sleeping more or less than the average, don’t panic, it will be different from every pet to the other.

4-21-2015 4-04-30 AM

It seems that it’s a common act between all dogs; watch this video of a cute Great Dane dog who refuses to wake up for his daily walk, the way he reacted was totally hilarious

So how does your dog react like when you wake him up? Watch the video below and if you enjoy it, share it with your family and friends.