When this baby was about to cry, the kitten did the cutest thing ever.

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If you’re lucky, training to learn how to live with a cat starts early. It is an intensive process that requires you to not only learn how to tell when your cat friend is happy and loving and when they are simply just not that into you. Navigating the turbid waters of life with cats is a constant learning process, so the sooner you can start, the better off you’ll be. Because really, once you’ve successfully lived with and loved a cat, you will be forever better for it. Every year a huge number of cats are surrendered to shelters because a new baby is on the way or has arrived and the parents worry about the risk the cat poses to the child. Most shelters are desperately overworked and underfunded and this just adds to their burden. During my own pregnancies I was told by several well-meaning people that I would have to get rid of my cats once the baby arrived. People are very fearful of cats smothering babies, however, despite a great deal of time trawling the Internet for information.

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YouTube user Ozhan Burcicek, had posted this video for Nanny the cat who acts like a great babysitter. This little baby is right in the middle of learning an important lesson from his patient cat nanny: Never show too much emotion. These two adorable friends are out in the town with their mom, and the baby is just so pumped about the entire experience. Good thing the cat nanny is there to calm the baby down. We can almost hear him saying, “Be cool, if we pretend to be aloof she’ll smother us with treats to ‘cheer’ us up.”

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Clearly, this small human has got a lot to learn still, but he has a great teacher to guide him through!