While he was jogging, he saw a stuck wild sheep, what he did was extremely brave.

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When you see those types of rescues, the first thing that you notice is that those people were there in that time for a reason, the reason is saving an innocent life. If those men were not there, this dog would be dead by now.
This man was jogging in the woods as they do every day, but this time it was a little bit different, they came across a wild sheep, but it was stuck! Accidently, the wild sheep’s horns got caught in a tree that he couldn’t move or run. When the man saw him he decided to help the wild sheep no matter how dangerous it is.

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The man started to break the tree branch that had the horns stuck in, the wild sheep was very worried, he kept on trying, he did many attempts and by the end he did it, he freed the wild sheep. What an amazing feeling, this man is so brave, and I am sure that the wild sheep is so thankful to this man because he saved his life. I am very thankful that this man was there in the right time.
This man saved the wild sheep’s life, and actually anyone can face a problem like this, especially when they live near a forest! But not everyone has this courage to come close to a wild sheep and help him. So if you just found a wild animal stuck or in danger, lost or trapped, first you have to leave a suitable space for it, it is always better to call any wild animals’ organization that is responsible to save them, especially if the wild animal was injured or lost; it’s illegal to keep them away from their wild life nature.

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