Wild Horse Was Chained For Months, Now Watch His Reaction To His Rescuer

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Unfortunately, it is a common practice in many places in Romania to keep wild horses chained from their front or hind legs. This practice is usually made to prevent wild horses from running away.

In the video we have for you, one of these helpless suffering wild horses shows his gratitude to his rescuer vet Ovidiu Rosu and his own way to say “thank you”.

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Finally, the wild horse’s rescuer freed his legs from the chains that were wrapped around his front legs. The chains prevented the helpless horse from walking around or even moving properly in his homeland in Letea, Romania.

One of the YouTube users commented:

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  “The horse could easily get tangled in brush or trip and fall. If the horse couldn’t get back on its feet, it would die. I hope you can help educate people in Romania about the dangers of this practice.”

The video below shows the unbelievable moment when the horse realizes he is free and now he can move and run again. With no more pain, suffering or struggle!

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The way the wild horse approached Ovidiu and cuddle his big head straight to his rescuer’s face melt my heart away.

For over two decades, Four PAWS has been devoted to help animals who have suffered or have been abused for any possible no matter what is the reason.

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