Wildlife photographer makes a touching friendship with this ginger stray cat

7-4-2015 7-17-08 PM

Cats are definitely lovely animals. With their adorable faces and fluffy furs, they are quite hard to resist! And although cats are generally sleepy creatures, it’s undeniable that sometimes they get extra playful and extra curious, which is always an adorable combination to watch, no matter how many things they break in the process. But still, we love cats more than anything, because nothing feels as good as the moment when they cuddle up to us and purr with happiness.

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And it’s not a surprise at all to learn that stray cats are as friendly as other cats. Actually, sometimes they are even more friendly, because they rarely ever get treated kindly by humans, so when a human approaches them with good intentions, they end up trusting that human right away.

This is what happened in this video, when Mitsuaki Iwago, who is a wildlife photographer especially interested in filming and photographing stray cats around the world, was filming on the island of Okinawa, Japan. As you can see in the video, this absolutely adorable ginger kitten first approached Iwago slowly, sniffing around and making sure he’s safe! Then, she seemed to have warmed up to him, as she instantly cuddled up in his lap for a quick nap. I am so amazed at how she trusted him so quickly, it’s like she has super cat senses that told her that he was a cat lover!

What’s even more adorable, is how after she finished her little nap, she started asking him for some playtime, by climbing up his head, and just settling there!

Isn’t she the sweetest kitty ever? I bet after Iwago was done filming, they had lots of fun playtime, and they became BFFs.

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This video just warmed my heart, I just ADORE cats. Share this video with your friends and cat lovers!