Woman Finds A Lost Dog And Scans His Microchip And She Is Shocked

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A Georgia couple was heartbroken because their dog had been missing for two years. Luckily the couple is reunited with their best friend just before Thanksgiving because of two kind strangers with two hearts full of kindness and affection.

Years ago, Kelly Thomas and Ted Kupferman rescued a dog named Bear. But Bear ran away after Ted was hurt in a car accident which made Bear scared and ran into the woods.

“I spent 12 hours that day searching his name, combing the area, finding absolutely nothing and that’s how I lost him,” explains Ted.

The journey of searching for him never stopped

After months of searching, the couple never gave up hope they might find him someday. The couple had two hearts full of hope to reunite with him one day and that hope was enough for them to believe they would.

Their kind hearts to find their dog back must be a great reason why they deserved people like the two women to take care of him.

Meanwhile, two women had seen a dog living in an auto parts yard and tried to approach and catch him. None of the two women works in animal rescue or even has any experience in catching dogs, but they had made up their mind to feed him two times a day for about  a whole year.

One day they decided to set up a cage, hoping the trap would attract and catch him and for their good deeds, the trap worked!

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A day later, Bear was reunited with Kelly and Ted, thanks to Bear’s microchip.

“I’m still crying over it, This was not just a dog, this was my best friend; this was my child.”

And here is another reunion between a dog and his owner after 8 years..!

One of the most heartbreaking moment for every pet owner is to find that your dog is missing. It’s shocking; the worst expectations start to fight in your head. Some people are lucky to find their pets and reunite back with them, but sadly some other people don’t, and the lost dogs become stray ones. But thankfully, today’s story has a happy ending, and it’s all so heartwarming.

I’m so grateful and happy to watch these emotional reunions and this is a reminder for any pet owner whose pet gone missing to not give up on hope! Share with your family and friends and leave a comment on our Facebook page.