World’s Angriest Cat Can’t Stop Looking Mad As Hell!

Her name means “light snow”, but the way this cat stares means nothing but fire! 

Koyuki is a 9-year-old Scottish Fold who became the most famous in Japan because of her impressively judgmental stare!  No matter what she is doing, the social media star stares at the camera with hot intensity.

18-02-2016 12-32-28 م

“What? I’m not mad”

18-02-2016 12-32-43 م

“Why would you think I’m mad?!”

18-02-2016 12-35-27 م

“Frankly, it’s very rude that you’d even say that!”

18-02-2016 12-36-06 م

” What’s that even supposed to mean?”

18-02-2016 12-36-32 م

” You look like you want to claw my face”

18-02-2016 12-36-54 م

“Maybe, ” you” look weirdly “unwilling” to claw some faces..”

18-02-2016 12-37-18 م

“You ever think of that..”

You can follow Koyuki’s adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

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