Wounded soldier meets his best friend. But watch his face when he touches her neck…

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American wildlife photographer, Roger Caras, once said “Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.”

While many of us take dogs as fluffy and sweet companions, soldiers and veterans see these adorable creatures as fellow brothers. Dogs had helped the American military to send and receive messages, which saved countless lives during the Civil War. Throughout time, the responsibilities of canine brothers in the army have evolved to become more important, and they now play a key role, even in combats!

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Many dogs work beside their human soldiers, sniffing for bombs, rescuing injured soldiers, or going straight into combat. For their brother soldiers in the army, they are not just tools; they are their best companions and best friends.

Actually, military dogs deserve to be called “heroes” just as their human soldier owners, who bravely put their lives on the line. Moreover, dogs are used to sooth the hero veterans who suffer injuries and PTSD after their tour of duty.

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After an improvised explosive device almost killed a brave soldier, he had to have his leg amputated. This hero was lucky to receive the unconditional love and comfort he needed from his new canine friend. When another veteran was suffering from PTSD, he got the chance to have a loyal companion who helped him a lot to keep calm and fight back the terrifying nightmares.

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