You are about to meet the world’s largest lap dog!

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The word “lap dog” is referring to the tiny, sweet furry dogs who actually fit to sit on your lap, but it seems that it’s not about the size anymore, because you are about to meet the hugest “lap dog” in the world. In this video, you will be totally surprised by what this owner showed us: his huge Saint Bernard dog came into the scene and jumped on his lap like he was a butterfly, nothing is more amazing than cuddling with your dog whether it’s a lap dog or huge, it doesn’t matter, what matters is how you will enjoy that cuddling moment with your dog. The hugest dogs are having the biggest hearts.

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The Saint Bernard dogs are called the giants, which beautiful breed’s first origin was in Italy. Surprisingly their weight can reach 120 kg; they are heavy and huge, but it can’t be less than 60 kg. Their life span is from 8 to 10 years old. They are not a good companion in jogging due to their heavy weight, also it’s very hard for them to deal with hot weather, so in summer you have to help them to refresh, a cold water shower will be a good idea, and dogs like them find their happiness in snow. They are gentle and loving, and they could be a perfect family partner. When Saint Bernard dog grow up they became very giant in size, so if you are living in a small apartment, Saint Bernard dog will be your latest choice. Saint Bernard dog shed too much hair, so good grooming is essential for this breed, don’t forget about daily brushing. You have to know that every bark for the Saint Bernard dog is having a meaning.

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