You think dogs eat anything? Well, max the dog have another opinion, he will blow your mind with what he did


Each one of us has something they like and dislike; we accept things and also refuse. So did you imagine that dogs also are like us, they have likes and dislikes? And not just that, they also say no! But the thing which I think is really new; I thought that dogs eat anything till I watched this.

Today’s food is shrimp. Well it’s an amazing meal, Max wanted to try some but mommy gave the little one first. After it was Max’s turn, he sniffed the shrimps and he totally changed his mind. His owner tried to give him some but he was shaking his head, like he is saying no, I don’t like it. So you can’t force your dog to eat something they don’t want, but this tiny little dog is so lucky that he will eat all the shrimps; he seems to like them a lot.

After the video was uploaded on YouTube, all viewers liked it and some agreed with Max, and said that also their dogs have problems with shrimps. Share that anti-shrimp kind of video with your mates.

Rottweiler says no to shrimp

Some types of foods are not good for dogs. Milk and other milk-based products are dangerous for your dogs, they can cause diarrhea and other digestive problems, and any product with caffeine, like coffee and tea, or chocolates, are dangerous, in addition to sugars, and anything that contains xylitol which causes increasing in the insulin. You have to research more for foods that are not allowed for dogs to keep them healthy.