You Think That Cats Don’t Care About You? Here Are 9 Special Ways Cats Loves You


It was said by scientists that cats can’t show love, they are not like dogs that show unconditional love in an adorable way, and you also think that they do not care about you. But actually, your cat loves you in 9 different ways that you can’t notice, so here we will tell you about the 9 ways that your cat shows you love and you don’t notice.

1-Most times, you will find that your cats greets you at the door when you come back home, and if you called on your cat when you arrive, she will recognize you, because your cat will identify your voice.

2-Your cat will love to follow you around everywhere you go, and when you go take a shower she will sit there waiting for you.

3-Your cat stares at you, like she is making eye contact with you, and scientifically, they make that eye contact with the people that they love or that they care about.

4-Your cat meows right? Every cat does so, but surprisingly, cats don’t meow to other cats, cats only meows to humans, so when your cat meows, she is trying to tell you something.

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5-Your cat doesn’t bite you, maybe she bites you softly, while playing, but she won’t hurt you.

6-When your cat head-butts you, she is not begging you for something, she is just marking you as her owner priority, by leaving her smell on you. If your cat does so, then she really loves you.

7-When your cat breaks to your room and tries her best to get inside the room even if you the door is closed, your cat will scratch the door and will meow loudly till you open the door, it’s love, your cat can’t stand being away from you.

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8-Your cat touches you sometimes with her paws, on your face or on your hands, or when they demand some petting.

9-Your cat licks you, because your cat sees you as a part of her family.

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