You Will Feel Stunned When You See What This Woman Is Doing To The Baby Elephant

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Elephants are still proving how stunning and adorable they are, when you see this little baby elephant, you won’t stop saying “Awwww”. This little baby elephant is only three weeks old. Allie is taking care of the baby since he was born, she is so kind, she is very loving and kind, and you will be amazed by what she is doing. Allie is helping the baby elephant to fall asleep by singing for him a lullaby. I am really amazed by their strong bond.

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Elephants are very smart and strong animals. There are only two types of elephants, African elephants, where both males and females have tusks and the Asian elephant where only the male elephant have tusks. Elephant’s life span is about 44 years. Elephants are the biggest mammals in the world.

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Sometimes elephants use their tusks to dig for water and food. Surprisingly, elephants can drink about 210 liter of water daily. The elephant trunk can reach about 2 meters, and it can weigh till 140 kg. The elephant’s ear is big and thin; it’s all made from blood vessels, which actually helps the elephant to reach the normal body temperature. Elephants are good at swimming; and maybe this explained what happened here in this video with that cute little baby elephant, they can use their trunk to breathe from.

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This is truly an amazing scene, this adorable bond between this woman and this elephant is awesome. I’ve never seen a cute baby elephant like this one, this video is leaving me speechless. Watch this video above, and if you think it’s amazing, don’t forget to share it with all of your family and friends.