You will think that it’s a dog, but this is a pony getting belly rubs from his owner, and it’s adorable.

We all know how cats and dogs WORSHIP belly rubs. It’s their daily need, a medicine for them. A medicine that tastes good though, and one that a vet doesn’t give. Some dogs wouldn’t let you continue what you’re doing so you would give them belly rubs, and even though they are quite demanding, you absolutely love giving them some belly rubs. However, it turns out that not only dogs and cats that love belly rubs, some birds do too! We’ve seen here how this parrot wanted to be tickled, and petted, and he actually demanded it, it was hilarious and amusing.

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Now we have a video here of an animal that really liked being petted and getting some belly rubs from his owner, and at first you might think it’s a dog, but it really isn’t. In the video below, you will see a beautiful, adorable four-legged friend sitting between his owner’s legs, and his owner is petting him, it’s so adorable, and you might think at first that it’s a dog, but it really isn’t. It’s a pony!! This video warmed my heart, the pony is so sleepy and enjoying the petting he is getting. It’s like he is in a spa and someone is massaging him. He is adorable, isn’t he?

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We’ve all watched the many videos of various types of animals demanding belly rubs, and it’s quite amusing and shocking, really. If you hadn’t watched any, then you will need to see the most shocking animal video, this animal demanded belly rubs and guess what animal it was? It was a shark!!! Yes, these cruel animals can be adorable.

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Watch the video below of the adorable pony getting belly rubs and rubs everywhere, and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.