10 crucial questions for your food provider!


If you want to be assured that your pet’s food is up to scrathc, ask manufacturers these 10 questions.  The answers will help you determine if the pet food company is being honesty and transparent. These questions are approved by the American Animal Hospital Association.


Q1 – Is there a vet nutritionist in your company?  


A veterinary nutritionist is the one individual who will have the necessary training and expertise to determine the pet food formulation. They are the ones with the strong background in the profession of food development.  They also possess enough knowledge about the difference in nutritional requirements of different species.



 Q2 – Is the nutritionist available to consult?


Consultation availability, offers a chance to have answers for further inquiries even if over e-mail. In fact, experts’ advice about diets should be sought once in a while.  They are extremely valuable especially those of the veterinary nutritionist.